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Altimaster - Neptune

Digital GRAPHIC LCD display - Waterproof down to 6 of water - Display automatically changes to GROUND, AIRCRAFT, FREEFALL and CANOPY modes - Selectable units, feet or meters - User friendly menu system - Automatic calibration for DZ altitude (manual override is available) - 30,000 feet MSL altitude range - Logbook maintains total jumps, total freefall time, and a full set of statistics of the last 200 jumps - Logs CRW jumps - Infrared interface for downloading log to a laptop (client software is in development and will be released as soon as possible) - Software updates will be available from our website, no need to send your unit to us for updates - Four groups of personalized audible alarm settings, each group has three programmable alarms - Altitude is measured 16 times a second to ensure accuracy - Display can be electronically flipped to allow a handmount to be worn on left or right hands - Sleep mode extends battery life - Electroluminescent backlight - Training mode simulates normal freefall and descent rate for normal deployment, high speed and low speed malfunctions - Uses 1 commonly available CR2450 battery

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