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Altimaster N3

The successor to Neptune & Neptune 2, the N3 has the following new features: USB Interface, Rechargeable battery, Solid Aluminum chassis, "Real" buttons - that click, and Impact resistant glass lens.
ALARMS: 8 selectable alarm groups. Alarms can be set to freefall or canopy alarms. The Neptune Maintenance utility (NMU) can be used to create up to 32 custom alarm names. Alarm tones can be customized using NMU. Canopy alarms include approach alarms leading up to the selected alarm altitude. Canopy alarms can be set to loud for those who wish to hear them from their wrist.
LOGS: 2500 summary logs and 200 detailed profiles. Log includes DZ and aircraft names. Use the NMU to create up to 32 DZ and aircraft names. Time under canopy and freefall time is logged. Jump odometer that you can zero.
DISPLAY: Measurement units can be set independently: Altitude (feet or meters), Date (US or European format), Temperature (F or C), Speed (mph or kph). Climb screen can be set to show altitude or time/climb rate (you can still toggle to the other screens). Sleep function with timer (you can tell the N3 to "sleep for x hours", this can be used for airline travel, helicopter rides, etc).
MENU: Simple, intuitive menu system. Scrolling menus. Easy select and retreat feature.
CASE/BATTERY: Anodized aluminum. Toughened glass protects the LCD. Rechargeable battery. Waterproof to six feet for up to one hour. Wall charger and USB included. Flush buttoms.
Shipping Weight: 8 oz. (225g).

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