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Racer 2K3

The legendary Classic Racer and the Racer 2K3 have quite simply the strongest, most comfortable harness and the fastest reserve deployment with or without the use of an RSL. Ask any Racer jumper how the supportive, integrated lumbar strap and diagonalsmake you feel like you’re sitting in a customized chair under canopy. When you tighten your leg straps the bottom of the Racer locks into your hips, which is your natural center of gravity.
We’re the only manufacturer in the U.S. using Type 13 webbing (identified by black tracer, 7000 lb tensile strength), which is superior for load distribution, and won’t slip in any hardware. Racer harness comfort is legendary. Comfort doesn’t come from more padding - it comes from proper harness geometry and use of the best materials. The only harness/container system rated to pass the 5000 pound structural test with alacrity.

ONLY $1890.00 (MSRP)

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