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Sunrise Rigging International would like to introduce you to the latest innovation in skydiving harness/container systems, the Wings Aerial System. Sunrise Rigging is owned and operated by Henri Pohjolainen, an FAA certified rigger who has manufactured skydiving equipment and accessories for the last 15 years. His resume includes such accomplishments as original designer of the Javelin harness/container in 1988, as well as 10 years of competition experience at the world level in 4 & 8 way formation skydiving. The Wings harness/container features a new articulated ring harness design, state of the art B.O.C., unique rigger friendly free bag, one of a kind riser flap configuration, and anti-line twist Zero Porosity main D-bag. Price includes articulated harness.

ONLY $1950.00 (MSRP)

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