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Vector III

The outstanding design of the Vector III secures all riser and pin cover flaps, even in the most radical freefall, without using Velcro. The main pin flap's closing, from the bottom up, protects the pin better, particularly while moving around in the aircraft and during freestyle maneuvers. The Uni-Body construction, while providing a smoother profile contour, also creates a pocketed corner, which safely routes the main bridle to the bottom of the container. This feature is built into the reserve container and protects it during unstable openings. No matter which main pilot chute location you choose, the bridle will be safely hidden and snag-proof. The ergonomically designed harness curves over your shoulders nicely. It provides greater comfort and it fits narrow shoulders as well. The harness is also stronger as a result of improved confluence construction. The Vector III has an over all cleaner look, a more protective design and a tailored and comfortable fit.

ONLY $2389.00 (MSRP)

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